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HST400 automatic pail packing line
Automatic Pail Packing Line
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HST-400 automatic pail packing line is mainly applied to take up the CO2-shield welding wires through barrel filling.
This machine adopts digital control of Siemens PLC, man-machine interfaces, which has functions of operation and maintenance helps, auto alarming and braking when specified weight is achieved, welding wires are in disorder and broken and paying-off is finished, checking faults. The machine can run automatically except feeding wires, straightening wires and getting/placing barrels. Its precise winding control and pre-spiraled treatments make sure to feeding welding wires smoothly in the welding process. Furthermore, welding wire barrels of various specifications can be customized. All these make the machine achieve the advanced level in the world.
This machine is composed of the take-up, the dancer, pay-off and electric control box, and has functions of:
●The pay-off machine pays off wires actively through frequency control of motor speed, the capstan motor is controlled by inverter, the flywheel adopts frequency control, it runs following up with capstan, which ensures the constant tension and the steady of running in the procedure of taking up welding wires.
●The machine is controlled by PLC of Siemens, and adopts touch screen displaying technology, the speed of taking up wires is stable.
●The touch screen displays information of running speeds, wire weighs of having taked up, the machine also has functions of braking while the specified weight is obtained, and automatic detecting while wire is jumbling to reduce labor intensity of the operators.
●One-key operation: its start-up, auto acceleration and deceleration when achieving specified weight can be finished through pressing the start button once.
●The operation helps, faults displaying and debugging functions on the touch screen make the machine easy to operate and maintain.
Compositions of HST-400 automatic pall packing line:
The take-up—is driven by capstan frequency conversion motor. flywheel frequency conversion motor, up-and-down frequency conversion motor of the platform, vibrating motor of the platform, wire-feeding frequency conversion motor and rotary stepping motor of platform. This machine is applied to taking up welding wires into the barrel.
Straightener—is to straighten the welding wires to obtain the linear requirements of the welding wires.
Dancer—is to automatic control the speed of the take-up and pay-off machine through the up-and-down movements of the tension pulleys adjust the speed matching of take up and pay off to ensure the constant tension.
Pay-off—is driven by the frequency conversion motor and applied to pay off the wires from the bobbins to ensure the constant tension of paying-off wires and reduce the time of acceleration and improver work efficiency. Meanwhile, the pay-off brake system is installed in it.
Electric control box—is the controlling and operating part of control system, on which are installed PLC touch screen, inverter, stepping motor drivers and other members.
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