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 Production lines of Flux-cored wire >> Production Lines of Flux-cored Wire
Production Lines of Flux-cored Wire
Production lines of Flux-cored wire
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Flux-cored wire is the fourth generation of advanced welding material which is developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with other welding materials, the flux-cored wire has the following advantages: high efficiency, excellent technology, little spatter, high welding quality, and convenient for automation. It is widely used in industrial developed countries.
Manufacturing techniques of the flux-cored wire are:
1. Primary techniques mainly include roll forming of steel stripe, drawing, and sinking.
2. Rolling and sinking techniques are the primary. Drawing technique is used to adjust the diameter and ovality of the welding wire (applicable for the production of flux-cored wire, such as stainless steel with high fill rate and hard facing). The former is a mature manufacturing technique while the latter simply depends on roll forming and sinking. Some techniques are not perfect, and improving the production capacity encounters difficulties. Therefore, the production line of cold rolling and drawing of steel strip is the appropriate. According to requirements of the market, the company has developed flux-cored wire production lines for marine, steel structures, hard facing, and stainless steel to meet requirements of customers.
Flux-cored wire production line is composed of:
1.    Steel strip pay-off  and take-up machine: Pay off  the strip → (welding) → dancer  →steel strip take up (φ630~800 bobbin stripe take-up machine);
2.    Preparation: Damping stripe pay-off machine → ultrasonic wave washing and rinsing machine→ Drying machine:
3.    Roll forming machine: roll into U type + power delivery device + roll into O type;
4.    Rough drawing unit: 560 Straight-line drawing machine→ take-up machine;
5.    Fine drawing machine: Bobbin  pay-off machine Automatic damping dancer → 400 straight-line drawing machine →Dancer →Polishing machine→ Driving machine →bobbin  take-up machine (φ630~800 bobbin wire take-up machine);
6. Wire Layer winding machine: automatic wire pay-off machine with constant tension controlled  by inverter → Dancer → wire layer winding machine;
The production line is applicable for the flux-cored welding wire. Diameter of the finished product: 0.8 ~ 2.0.
  The machine is used in the paying off of disk-type steel strip during the production of flux-cored welding wire.
Advantages are:

The horizontal design of disk –type steel strip is convenient for the craning of steel strip;

Pneumatic tension device is convenient for the positioning of steel strip; 

Automatic pay-off following up is used to ensure stable pay-off  tension and can be used together with the strip take-up and pay-off machine.



A steel strip take-up machines roll the formed and washed steel strip on the bobbin evenly and orderly .It is used together with a strip take-up tension machine to enable the rolled steel strip to be solid and flat.

The SD series steel strip take-up machines are customized according to the dimension of bobbin .Models now available are:SD-630,SD-700 and SD-800.The rotation speed of the strip take-up machine is within 13-133 r/min. It can be set synchronously with the strip Pay-off machine and the rotation speed can be changed according to users’ requirement. The machine is designed with rational structure and precise manufacturing technique. The machine is designed with rational structure and precise manufacturing technique. The machine is provided with high rigidness, balanced operation, and reliable starting up and shutting off.


  Function: The steel strip surface is treated with ultrasonic washing, rinsing, and drying to remove the dirt and grease adhered on the surface. The surface is dried by induction heating device for the subsequent handling.


Washing object steel strip thickness 0.8~1.2mmwidth 18mm Max

 Washing purpose Removal of oil and grease

Washing technique Remove the oil stain or other dirt on the steel strip surface by the cavitation and emulsification functions of the ultrasonic wave

 Washing media water –base washing liquid

Washing speed 0~2m/s

Power of ultrasonic wave1800W  220V/50HZ

 Heating  power 6000W

 Heating temperature:40~50

 Function: Under the control of temperature controller ,the heater will heat the washing liquid to the temperature of 40~50 and keep the temperature constant to enable the ultrasonic wave to function ultimately. The dirt on the steel strip surface will be washed away by the ultrasonic wave.


Purpose: Remove the dirt and washing liquid on the steel strip surface by rinsing .

 Rinsing media: tap water

 Heating power:4000W

 Heating temperature:>70

 Rinsing speed: 0~2m/s

 Effective dimension of rinsing tank : 1000*300*1016 (length*width*height)

 Instruction: Under the control of temperature controller, the heater will heat the washing liquid to the temperature higher than 70.The dirt and washing liquid on the steel strip surface will be washed away by rinsing.


 Purpose: The washed and rinsed steel strip will be dried by temperature controller.

 Heating device : induction heating ring

 Heating power: 11KW

 Heating temperature: automatically controlled  according to the line speed

 Heating speed: 0~2m/s

 Outer dimension of drying Box:800mm*300mm*1200mm (length*width*height):


 The roll forming machines are designed on the basis of advantages of various forming machines both at home and abroad. It has features of simple structure, convenient operation, easy adjustment, reliable use, and high production efficiency. It is a new model among the process equipment for the forming of flux-cored welding wire in China.The equipment is composed of filling system and welding wire roll forming system.

 Technical parameters and performance indicators of the machine:

Steel strip dimension: width B=10~16mm±0.05mm,

thickness δ=0.5~1.2mm±0.03mm

Dimension of finished product: φ2~φ5mm

Roller dimension: φ160mm

(Ⅳ)/(Ⅴ)Rough/Fine drawing machines

  The PLC data processing and inverter 485 communication is applied to rough drawing and fine drawing machines for the flux-cored welding wire. This is to enable quick respond of the host of drawing machine ,stable high-speed drawing, skipping of spools simultaneously, and combined running of capstans during the pointing wire feeding. Touch screen is used as the operation interface of entering drawing parameters and displaying real-time operation data .The management data of the drawing technique and operation data of the equipment will be monitored in real time. Concatenation design matched with the speed ensures the reliable operation. It is provide with functions of automatic calculation of compression ratio, automatic shutting off when required weight is achieved, filament breakage protection, security guard, assistance in the operation and maintenance. The starting and shutting-off of the preparation lines can be controlled. Each spool is provided with buttons and foot switch and separate operation control table for convenient operation. Closed suction design is used on the machine to ensure clean working environment. Smooth trend of welding wire reduces the bending degree of the flux-cored welding wire and the leakage of powder. This machine can form the flux-cored welding wire in once fine drawing. The complete machine is advanced in the industry.

The capstans are coated with tungsten carbide, Mirror polishing is applied on the surface. Therefore, it is hard and wear without damaging the surface of the welding wires. The design of taper design is rational to ensure no stacking compression wire and disordered wire. The water circulation cool the capstan, spindles and bearings simultaneously. This will extend the lift spans of the bearings and ensure the cooling effect if water is cut off for short term.

 Compositions of rough drawing machine:560 Drawing machine, Take-up machine.

Compositions of fine drawing machine: Bobbin pay-off machine, Dancer, 400 Fine Drawing Machine, Dancer, Polishing machine, Driving machine, Bobbin take-up machine.

Diameter of Capstan(mm)
Maximum Strength of Inlet Wire(mpa)
Drawing Time
Average Compression Ratio
Maximum Diameter of Inlet Wire(mm)
Minimum Diameter of Finished Product(mm)
Highest Drawing Speed(m/s)
Drawing Power(KW)
One block
Driving System
Decelerator,Single-stage belt,
Decelerator,Single-stage belt,
Decelerator,Single~double stage belt,
Rough drawing
Fine drawing
Die Box
Die boxes are cooled directly by water, rational installation, adjustable from up to down and left to right, provided with wire pressing device to decrease the vibration of wire and avoid pearl-like wire(rotating die box and power holder can be used).
Tuning Device
The rolls of tuning device are coated with tungsten carbide or adopts the material of Cr12quenching. Which is wear resistant. Pneumatic anti-tension tuning is used, the tension is constant.
Paying Off Manner
Automatic damping wire paying off
Taking Up Manner
Wire taking up with constant tension controlled by inverter
Rough drawing machines for Flux-cored wire 560/6
Fine drawing machines for Flux-cored wire 400/11


Used in the polishing of the flux-cored welding wire before the layer winding

Technical parameters:

Unit power:1.5KW

External dimension of unit(length*width*height): 3630mm*760mm*1200mm

Function: Brush away the attachment layer on the surface of welding wire by rotating the steel brush. The welding wire is polished by eight suspended polishing devices in four different directions to be clean and bright.



Used in the driving of the flux-cored welding wire after the polishing.

Capstan diameter(mm):φ300,φ400(can be customized according the users’ requirement)


External dimension(length*width*height): 710 mm* 660 mm* 2120 mm (reference dimension)

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